Gambling Help

Gambling has been a constant source of entertainment for masses since ages. It has now been observed that gambling has become a problem for many people. Unlike many other means of entertainment, gambling becomes a serious business and proves to be very addictive.

The level of addiction and harmful effects vary from person to person hence it is essential to segregate casual gambling from problem gambling.

Sure shot indicator of problem is when gambling occupies too much of an individual’s time and deters them from leading a normal life. The biggest problem that has been observed in people with addition towards gambling is that they do not consider themselves to be gambling addicts neither do they realize that they are becoming increasingly addictive to gambling.

Ask questions to know more about your Gambling Problems

Below are certain questions that you should ask yourself to identify if you are having gambling problems. If yes is the answer to any of the five questions below, you seriously require Gambling Help.

  1. Do you ignore your school or office work to engage yourself in Gambling?
  2. Does gambling serve as an escape route for boredom and unhappiness?
  3. Do your friends and family complain ablaut your gambling habits?
  4. To you engage more to recover the losses incurred by your gambling activity?
  5. Do you feel like ending your life because of the frustrations related to gambling losses?
  6. Are you ignoring your friends and family for the sake of your gambling activities?
  7. Do you lie often to avoid questions on your gambling activities and losses incurred due to the same?
  8. Are you reluctant to your gambling earnings on normal household expenditure?
  9. Do you borrow to engage in gambling?
  10. Does gambling affect your reputation?

These are a few questions that might help you know the level of gambling issues. Like said earlier, if yes is the answer then seek help from our experts who would counsel you to get rid of these petty issues.

People with an addition to gambling can seek help from various sources like:

Family & friends

It is the duty of every individual who gambles to be aware of the pitfalls of gambling and it is their duty to convey the same to their peers and family to propagate sensible gambling. Gamblers suffering from addition issues have their family and friends as their best options as they understand each other very well and can support each other during the time of need.

Help from various organizations

There are a ton of organizations working towards ensuring that people who seek help and counseling get the best option that is available. These help groups are composed of psychologists and even ex-gambling addicts who can guide people out of this addiction.

Resources that Provide Help for Problem Gamblers
National Council on Problem Gambling (USA)

And remember: Acceptance of problem is half the solution