eCOGRA Certified Casinos – 100% Secure Online Gambling Experience

eCOGRA is an internationally accredited testing agency that specializes in testing and certification of online gaming software and systems.


Before eCOGRA certifies a casino it checks it inside out. It reviews a casino establishment for its practices and if it finds them up to the mark, it issues a certificate to the casino. This certificate is known as “eCOGRA Safe & Fair” seal and a casino that has received it displays it proudly on its website towards the bottom on most pages.

We have compiled a list of eCOGRA certified casinos here on You can choose any casino from this list to enjoy risk-free, totally satisfying online gambling experience.

What does eCOGRA do

eCOGRA does everything that contributes towards a secure online casino entertainment. It

  • Protects customers
  • Fights fraudulent casino behavior
  • Protects privacy of customers and safeguards their information
  • Prevents underage gambling
  • Stops payment delays and provides accurate payments
  • Verifies fair gaming by checking randomness and payout percentages
  • Keeps a check on fair and responsible marketing
  • Evaluates customer support
  • Offers reliable operating environment

How eCOGRA Helps You

When you see the “eCOGRA Safe & Fair” seal on a casino, you can be absolutely sure that you won’t be cheated. This seal means that eCOGRA has thoroughly tested the casino in question and found it secure and trustworthy, therefore, you can join this casino.

  • Ensures fair gambling by verifying randomness
    eCOGRA verifies if the software used by a casino makes adequate use of randomness or not. A special technology called RNG (random number generator) is implemented in every casino software to ensure that it selects numbers randomly to make online gambling truly realistic. But if randomness is missing, it indicates that the games are rigged and you are always at the risk of losing your money.
  • Verifies the payout percentage offered by a casino
    Casinos often flaunt their payout percentages. eCOGRA verifies these payouts and generates a certificate of authenticity which provides a clear picture of expected payout returns. On the certificate, the payout percentage offered by each game is displayed. You get to know the details about payouts.
  • Guarantees safe and secure environment
    eCOGRA takes security very seriously, therefore it checks a casino for overall safety of players. It checks if a casino offers fast and secure banking methods. It checks how well the encryption techniques used a casino work. It checks how a casino handles the information provided by players. It also checks that a player gets fast and accurate payments. All this contributes towards a fair and secure gambling experience.

eCOGRA is on a mission to make online gambling safer than ever. Once it certifies a casino, you can trust that casino without second thoughts. You will surely get value for money along with total satisfaction. For a wonderful gambling experience, choose an eCOGRA certified casino today.

[alert type=”error”] recommends that you read all legal documents published on the websites of the casinos listed here before joining them to avoid any disappointments later.[/alert]